Can I use the services of this platform with my existing account on iCliniq’s second opinion platform?

Yes, you can use your existing account on our second opinion platform to access virtual primary care services on this platform. Simply go to Login and enter your existing account credentials to log in to this platform. With just one iCliniq account, you can seamlessly transition between two platforms and access a wide range of services.

How to change my password?

Please log in and go to Account → Settings, and click Change Password to change your password.

How to update my contact information?

Please log in and go to Account → Profile, and click Edit in the contact information section to update your phone, email, or residential address.

How to delete my iCliniq First account?

Please log in and go to Account → Settings, and click Delete Account to delete your account. Your account, along with all your personal and medical information, will be permanently deleted in 48 hours. If you wish to undo the action, log in to your account within 48 hours and click Undelete Account.