What is iCliniq First?

iCliniq First is a global telemedicine platform where you can have virtual visits with our licensed clinicians, who are experts in their respective fields.

What is the difference between iCliniq First and iCliniq's second opinion platform?

On our virtual primary care platform, you will be assigned a US-licensed, board-certified clinician to make a diagnosis, provide a treatment plan, write an online prescription, and provide refills if necessary. Meanwhile, the second opinion platform does not offer online prescriptions or refills. The clinician may review an already established diagnosis and treatment plan to provide more insight and suggestions for your health condition.

Who are the clinicians on this platform?

Our clinicians include board-certified, US-licensed MOs (Medical Officers), DOs (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), and NPs (Nurse Practitioner). All clinicians on the platform are licensed to practice in specific states in the US and have telemedicine experience.

Is iCliniq First safe to trust with my personal and medical information?

Yes, all your personal and medical information is safe with us. iCliniq First respects Protected Health Information (PHI), and we are compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA is a set of standards and protocols created to protect and store sensitive patient data. Our organization strictly abides by these protocols.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay using:

  • Credit and debit cards of any bank.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Link.
  • Afterpay (Clearpay).
  • Klarna.

Can I use my insurance, HSA, HRA, or FSA?

We do not accept insurance, HSA, HRA, or FSA at the moment. You can pay for our virtual primary and urgent care services with credit or debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, Link, Afterpay (Clearpay), and Klarna.

What is iCliniq First cancelation and refund policy?

  • For on-demand video visits, you will get a complete refund if you request cancelation until the Clinician gets assigned.
  • For text visits, if the assigned Clinician accepts the clinical intake form that you fill and submit, the visit status changes to “In Progress.” You will get a full refund if you request cancelation before your visit status changes.
  • For scheduled video visits, you will get a complete refund for cancelation requests raised before 2 hours of the time of the video consultation.

A refund will not be issued, if you:

  • Miss or fail to attend the video call during on-demand or scheduled video visits.
  • Fail to reply to the chat initiated by our Clinician during text visits.
  • Request a cancelation within 2 hours of the scheduled time of scheduled visits.
  • Request a cancelation after the status of the text visit changes to "In Progress."
  • Request a cancelation after the Clinician accepts the consultation request during on-demand visits.