Online Prescription

How do I order and refill prescriptions online?

To get an online refill prescription, you would have to fill in our online clinical intake form - just a few questions related to your complaint, medical history, and lifestyle. A US-licensed clinician gets assigned to you, who will review the intake form, ask you for additional information (if needed), or discuss your concerns over a video call (incase you booked a video visit) before issuing a personalized care plan with a prescription (if needed). We will send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, and you can collect the refill from there.

Is it possible to order or refill prescriptions without a virtual visit?

A virtual visit with our clinician is a must to get an online refill prescription on . The clinician would have to review your old prescription for modifications and provide the refill appropriately. For this, you must fill out our clinical intake form with details related to your medical condition and lifestyle. In addition, you will be asked to provide a photo of the label on the tablet canister.

Are there medications that the clinicians will not prescribe?

Our clinicians will not provide or prescribe controlled substances, including new psychotropic drugs, illicit drugs, or other medical substances that may harm the patient, cause dependence or result in substance abuse and misuse.

Can you deliver my prescription medications to my home?

We do not have a home medicine delivery option at the moment. We send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, and you can collect the medications from there.